German Shorthaired Pointer

Sanguine Moon specializes in preserving German Shorthaired Pointers through intentional breeding to develop elegant and athletic sporting dogs. German shorthaired pointers are energetic, playful, and phenomenal family dogs. German Shorthairs are known for their intelligence, willingness to please, and versatility as a hunting breed suitable for land and water. With appropriate exercise, GSPs can be great family companions.


I realized quickly after owning my own GSPs and participating in dog sports that I would need a photographer. I decided quickly that I would try my hand at it. It quickly became a passion. I decided to offer my services to others at many different venues and for personal shoots. You will often see my trusty partner in photography, Margo Lambert at larger events. We capture not only those athletic highlights but also the human-animal bond. We capture memories that we hope you will cherish for a lifetime as you journey through life with your canine companions.

Are you interested in event or individual photography?